USB Gen 2 Upgrade

For Bifrost and Gungnir




This new USB input card for Bifrost and Gungnir improves USB performance across the board, and allows you to enjoy music encoded in 24/176.4. Featuring the C-Media CM6631A receiver and additional isolation and filtering, the Gen 2 USB input outperforms external USB-SPDIF converters that cost several times as much.

The Gen 2 USB board ships standard with every new Bifrost USB or Gungnir USB. It can replace the existing USB board in any existing Bifrost or Gungnir, or be added to any existing Bifrost or Gungnir without USB.

Schiit Scheduling System Reduces Upgrade Time
Schiit can install the Gen 2 USB board for you, with a convenient scheduling system that allows you to keep your Bifrost or Gungnir until we’re ready to turn it around immediately. Just place your order, and follow the steps in the series of emails. You’ll be notified when your order is accepted, when to send in your DAC, when the work is performed, and when it’s shipped back to you, for complete transparency.
Other Installation Options
If you’re an experienced electronics technician or engineer who is familiar with ESD precautions, or work with a good tech, you can choose to have the Gen 2 USB board sent to you directly, fully tested and protected in an antistatic bag.
Please note that by selecting this option, you are saying, "Yes, I am, or know, a competent electronics technician who does not need hand-holding for this installation, and I will not allow an inexperienced person to perform the upgrade, since I understand there are no user-serviceable parts inside."