Are your products available in 220/240V?
Yes, all products are available in 230V models, which are compatible with 220/240V.

Who are your international distributors?
Australia and New Zealand: Addicted to Audio
Belgium, Netherlands and Europe:
Norway: Duet Audio
Poland: Earmania
Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand: SLT Technologies
UK and Europe:
Vietnam: Audio Choice
If I order through a distributor, who handles service and warranty issues?
The distributor.
If I order from you, does the distributor handle service and warranty?
LOL. No. It comes back to us.
Do you ship outside the United States?
Yes, and the site calculates shipping internationally.
Hey, I found a retailer carrying your products who isn’t on the list. Is it a good idea to buy from them?
Only if you don’t want a warranty. Our distributors set warranty terms for their countries, and will not support products they didn’t sell. Nor will we support this “gray market” gear, either. You should purchase from our authorized distributor, or (if you are OK with service being in the USA) from us. Anything else is a gamble.
I found your product on eBay, is that legit?
No. It will be used product and not covered under warranty, regardless of claims by the seller. Repeat: there are NO authorized sellers on eBay, period, no way, no how, and if you buy a product from eBay, you will not have warranty coverage.
I want you to declare a lower value for customs. Can you do that?
Um. No.
Will you mark the shipment as a gift or repair?
No. All shipments will be marked as merchandise with the full retail value as required by U.S. and international law.
(Insert manufacturer here) marked my $1500 headphone purchase as a gift with a value of $100.  Why won't you do that?
That other company is willing to accept the risk. We aren't. We don't cheat. We follow the rules.
Why aren't you shipping to Russia?
In March of 2014 Russia customs instituted new rules that effectively stopped all direct shipments from most overseas manufacturers to Russian citizens when the value of the goods exceeds about $200 US. Goods that are valued under $200 US require a tremendous amount of paperwork to verify the value of the goods and the authenticity of the shipment.  Some of the information requested by Russian customs includes personal information about our employees. These requirements were too burdensome and we made the decision to stop shipping to Russia. When the situation in Russia changes, we will reevaluate this policy.
Can I use a reshipper?
We don't have any policies that specifically prevent you from using a reshipper. We do have some policies that limit our responsibility for your order when you choose to use a reshipper. Please be aware of the following before using a reshipper.  The 15-day returns window begins the day that your product is delivered to the delivery address specified in your order (the reshipper). You have three days from the delivery of your order to the delivery address to make a claim for any damage incurred during shipping. All warranty service, exchanges, or order corrections are limited to the country where the product was first delivered. In other words, if you live in Hong Kong and use a U.S. reshipper then your 15-day return window starts on the day your product is delivered to the reshipper. If your order has a problem then we will be sending the repaired or replaced units to the reshipper.
Aren’t you some crazy, flag-waving, patriotic, um, American crazies?
Hey, we make our stuff in the US, but we’re realistic. No. Wait. Nevermind.