Hey, do you have any US dealers?
Yes, we currently have a handful of US and Canadian dealers:

Adirondack Audio and Video
Cloth and Metal
Headphone Bar
Kraft Street Audio
Speaker Shop
Why so few?
Because 90%+ of our sales are direct. Most dealers don't like us saying they double the price of products. Which they typically do. A few enlightened shops will work with us. Most won't. 
I found "Schiit Audio" on Amazon, selling both new and B-stock products. Is that you?
Yep, it's us. Lots of people like to buy through Amazon, so we're there.
I found your product on eBay, is that legit?
No. It will be used product and not covered under warranty, regardless of claims by the seller. Repeat: there are NO authorized sellers on eBay, period, no way, no how, and if you buy a product from eBay, you will not have warranty coverage.
I found your product on a curated online store/group buy deal/anywhere not listed above, is that legit?
No. If it's not us, or not listed above, it's not going to be covered by us.